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Craig Storey

If it wasn't for Craig, you wouldn't know about XC Ottawa. He is the brains behind our website and an excellent liaison within the Ottawa-Gatineau ski community. Craig has been skiing a long, long time and is focussed on training smart to remain injury-free. He had a tough 2007-2008 season with injuries which allowed him only to compete in skating events but he STILL managed to WIN the 2008 Gatineau Loppet 29km skate event, during which he rescued Megan from a near-bonk and helped her move up to finish 5th in the 53km skate. Craig is preparing to defend his Gatineau 29km skate title this year.

Craig also takes a light interest in physics. When not training he spends time working at the NRC but we would have to kill you if we told you what he does there.

Hometown Sudbury, Ontario
Personal Sponsors: Infinity
Best Results: 1st, 29km Skate Gatineau Loppet 2008
1st, CAN Rollerski Championships, 2006
8 Ontario University medals
Top 10s in Canada Cups
Performance Goals: Top-25 in Canada Cups and Nationals, winning gold in the relay at National Championships
Other Pursuits: The Internet, Physics, Batteries, www.xcottawa.ca
Skis: Karhu, Ski Trab, Slegar
Poles: Infinity
Boots: Salomon
Skate: Ski Skett Shark
Classic: V2 910K, V2 920

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