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New Website about Cycling in the Ottawa-Gatineau Area
By:  Craig Storey   (2008/04/28)


Since the snow has disappeared from the park there's a need to "switch gears" so I thought I would bring to your attention a new web site about cycling in and around Ottawa-Gatineau.

The URL for this new website about cycling is:


It is similar to the McGoldrick xc-skiing web site insofar as it is generally aimed at people who are relatively new to cycling or new to the Ottawa-Gatineau region (although the descriptions of some of the rides and tours may be of interest to more experienced cyclists). The primary focus of this non-commercial web site is road biking and touring.

The web site features detailed articles, easy to understand maps, and numerous photos of a good number of bicycle rides, paths, and routes in the national capital region (including the Gatineau Hills).

The website also has several articles about destinations outside the Ottawa/Gatineau area - e.g. riding among the wineries of Prince Edward County and cycling the Laurentians on the famous "P'tit train du Nord" trail.

Pass this great resource onto friends and cycling enthusiasts.

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