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Gatineau Park Ski Photos from March 31st, 2009
By:  Craig Storey   (2009/03/31)


P7, a bit dirty and hard but skiable.

Back of Penguin has a few thin spots, but still skiable.

Tracks along Ridge are decent.

Top of Penguin, the usual bare spot has appeared.

From Penguin to the gully along Ridge Road is completely covered and good skiing.  In fact the rain may have improved things.

The other side of the gully, still good coverage.

Ridge Past #14, still in great shape.

Ridge near Keogan was interesting.  Someone, Demsis likely, drove a quad over the trail leaving 3-4" deep ruts in the skating lane.  Not nice.  It was tricky to skate this section and it also continued to Shilly Shally. 

A close-up of the ruts.

Gossip corner, sans gossip except for the birds.  Still lots of coverage.

The ruts towards Huron, here with a bit of fresh snow on top.  The clean snow made it a bit faster which was nice.

Ridge past Huron towards Champlain.  Good coverage.

Burma bridge, 99% covered.

Only true bare spot on Burma, it requires 15ft of hoping with one ski off.

The final decent on Burma back to the Parkway, a few bare spots in the middle.  Practice your best Thomas Grandi or walk down.

Bottom of Burma (aka Picnic corner), hard packed but you can make the turn. Don't know the reference to Picnic corner? Somehow families with small kids, often stop right often with skis off and snacks out, right in the middle of this intersection seemingly everytime there are a group of skiers coming down. Maybe it should have been named yard sale corner...

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