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Gatineau Park Cross-Country Ski Trail Reports - SkiTrails.xcOttawa.ca
Jan 17 (3d, 3h) - Karl Saidla - Starting Point: P8, Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, North Loop, #1, Glide Wax: Rode Blue, Grip Wax: Rode Black Base, Rode Super Blue, Rode Multigrade Violet
A particularly beautiful day to be out with a bit of sun and some light snow coming down. The parkways were in great shape and Ridge Road was also good. There is a hard/abrasive base with some powder on top. For classic I would certainly recommend binder or even a klister base.
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Launch of Ski Heritage East  -  Jean Lepage (2018/01/15)
We invite you to join us for the much awaited launch of the Ski Heritage East winter trail on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 1 PM.
Ski Heritage East Secures Seed Funding and Grooming Begins!  -  Team XC (2018/01/04)
The first packing of the trail was completed Thursday, a second pass on Friday and it should be good for the weekend!
2018 Tay Valley Loppet, Sunday February 11th  -  Nancy Goudreau (2017/12/19)
10 km and 20 km classic Loppets, 2.5 and 5km freestyle cookie race.
SJAM Season #2 Update  -  Team XC Ottawa (2017/12/15)
The grooming team is all ready to go! Here's some news and how you can help..
Nakkertok Ski XC Fast Program - looking for Instructors  -  Nakkertok Nordic (2017/12/06)
Are you a qualified and enthusiastic ski instructors? Join our awesome team for the 2018 season.
uOttawa Nordiq Update  -  Sheila Kealey (2017/11/03)
Here’s an update on the progress of the uOttawa Nordiq ski team.
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Team Blizzard Discount 2018 Gatineau Park Ski Passes On Sale  -  Nancy Coke (2017/11/03)
Ottawa River Pathway Winter Multi-use Trail Needs Support!  -  Jean Lepage (2017/10/18)
Mooney’s Bay Cross Country Ski Centre Needs Instructors for the 2018 season  -  John Asselin (2017/10/03)
Skin Skis by Gatineau Nordic Sport  -  team xc ottawa (2017/09/21)
UPDATE: 2017 Fall Gatineau Parkway Closures  -  Team XC Ottawa (2017/09/15)
Remembering Reijo Puiras  -  team xc ottawa (2017/08/09)
New Developments for a Ski Team at the University of Ottawa  -  uOttawa Nordiq (2017/08/02)
Nakkertok is looking for a Ski Technician  -  Nakkertok Nordic (2017/06/16)
2017 Summer Gatineau Parkway Closures  -  Team XC Ottawa (2017/06/08)
SportLog.ca: Shiny and New  -  Steffan Lloyd (2017/06/06)
Capital Development Team (CDT)  -  Chelsea Nordiq (2017/05/24)
Photos from the FIS World Cup Finals in Quebec City  -  Ulysse Ramsay (2017/03/31)
Ottawa River Pathway Skiing (SJAM East!)  -  Bob Monnette (2017/03/29)
2017 Nakkertok Enduro 6 hour ski – Powered by Kraft Heinz  -  Nakkertok Nordic (2017/03/24)
Support Varsity Skiing at the University of Ottawa  -  Team XC Ottawa (2017/03/23)
Race Report: World University Games 2017  -  Kyla Vanderzwet (2017/03/19)
Orienteering Ottawa Clinics  -  Jeff Teutsch (2017/03/18)
Sleeping Giant Loppet 2017  -  Karl Saidla (2017/03/15)
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