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Gatineau Park Cross-Country Ski Trail Reports - SkiTrails.xcOttawa.ca
Today (10h, 13m) - Sheila Kealey - Starting Point: P5, Trails Skied: #1 Penguin Climb, #1, #1B, Glide Wax: , Grip Wax: Rode Blue Multigrade
Excellent skiing this morning! I headed for the woods to get out of the wind, and Ridge road was freshly groomed and tracks were in great shape (Parkways at P5 not groomed). Don't let the cold discourage you, dress in layers (because you will get warm) and start where you can get into the trails quickly. P5 and P7 are good options.
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Help Team XC Ottawa raise funds for the Little Angels Blood Cancer Fund  -  Sheila Kealey (2016/02/11)
XC Ottawa members will race the Gatineau Loppet 51 km classic event and help raise funds for the Little Angels Blood Cancer Fund
Eastern Canadian Championships Wrap-Up  -  Megan McTavish (2016/02/10)
It was a fun weekend and the Eastern's committee did an amazing job pulling everything together for the biggest NorAm event of the year!
E Load Marathon Race Report: Craftsbury Marathon  -  Karl Saidla (2016/02/04)
A short write up and pictures from a recent trip to the Craftsbury Marathon.
Canadian Eastern Championships 2016: Preview  -  Andre Marchand (2016/02/03)
Final preparations are underway for XC Ottawa athletes preparing to compete in the 3 day Eastern Canadian Ski Championships happening locally this weekend at Nakkertok South. With racers coming from all over Canada it is sure to be a highly competitive and challenging weekend of racing! Here is a preview of what is to come.
2016 Tay Valley Loppet, Feb. 14th, 2016  -  Tay Valley (2016/02/03)
20/10km Classic, 2.5/5km Freestyle. Registration is now open on line.
Distance Racing at Lappe  -  Ingrid Hagberg (2016/01/25)
After a chilly sprint day at Lappe, we headed out for the 10/15km classic on Friday, and the 15/30km skiathlon on Sunday
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Race report: Noram Sprint Day in Thunder Bay  -  Kyla Vanderzwet (2016/01/22)
A Tribute To John Atkinson  -  Simon Shearman (2016/01/21)
An Athlete’s Guide to Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season  -  Sheila Kealey (2016/01/13)
Happy New Year!  -  Megan McTavish (2016/01/04)
Winter or not, cross country skiing thrives at some venues  -  Sheila Kealey (2015/12/28)
Race Report: New England Nordic Ski Association Season Opener at Craftsbury  -  Karl Saidla (2015/12/22)
Race Preview: Craftsbury Vermont Season Opener  -  Andre Marchand (2015/12/17)
Snow Dances  -  Ingrid Hagberg (2015/12/14)
Getting Ready to Race in Silverstar  -  Sheila Kealey (2015/12/11)
First Ski of The Year and Early Season Race Plans  -  Kyla Vanderzwet (2015/11/25)
2015 First Snowfall Contest Winners!  -  Ingrid Hagberg (2015/11/24)
Another successful trip to La Forêt Montmorency  -  Megan McTavish (2015/11/20)
XC Chelsea Masters Winter Program Registration is Now Open!  -  XC Chelsea Masters (2015/11/18)
XC Ottawa Goes Trail Clearing at Nakertok North  -  Andre Marchand (2015/11/14)
King's Court Classic Rollerski Sprint  -  Sheila Kealey (2015/11/09)
Ski and Snowshoe Fast is hiring!  -  Jennie Anderson (2015/11/04)
Gatineau Loppet 2016 Update – New Registration Procedure, Later Date, and FIS pointsts  -  Karl Saidla (2015/11/03)
2015 First Snowfall Contest Updates and Entries  -  Team XC Ottawa (2015/11/01)
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