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Sorry, the team hasn't posted any reports in the last 7 days. But check for reports here!
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Workout of the Week: 5 seconds on, 5 seconds off  -  Megan McTavish (2014/07/19)
This past Wednesday evening XC Ottawa skiers did an interesting workout while rollerskiing in Gatineau Park on the closed section between P8 and P9.
Spring and Summer Racing Highlights - Ingrid swims Bring on the Bay 3k  -  Sheila Kealey (2014/07/15)
Here are some racing highlights from our Spring and Summer Racing.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding: The ultimate ski training on non-frozen water?  -  Peter Beisel (2014/07/10)
Stand up paddle boarding, affectionately known as "SUPing" is one of the fastest growing water sports in Canada... ...the position for a proper forward stroke is very similar to that of a double pole or diagonal stride technique!
Wax selection: an alternate method using statistical techniques.  -  Steffan Lloyd (2014/07/07)
An alternative glide wax testing framework to minimize the number of tests needed to test for multiple waxing options.
Push-ups 101  -  Kyla Vanderzwet (2014/07/02)
Push-ups! Here are a few tips for proper form, plus some variations to challenge yourself with.
The Rudy Project Advantage  -  Matt Brown (2014/06/24)
Last year was my first experience with Rudy Project. I must say, they have an absolutely stellar product line!
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Job Notice: Part Time Coach for XC Ottawa  -  XC Ottawa (2014/06/23)
Chelsea Nordiq and Nakkertok Skate Rollerski T.T. UPDATED  -  Karl Saidla (2014/06/22)
A Weekend of Adventure at OWL Rafting  -  Andre Marchand (2014/06/19)
Katie's Super Energy Protein Power Bars  -  Katie McMahon (2014/06/13)
Introducing Team XC Ottawa 2015  -  Ingrid Hagberg (2014/06/08)
FIS Tour du Canada 2016!  -  CCC (2014/06/06)
New Recreational Trail on the Wakefield Train Corridor?   -   (2014/05/30)
Do Athletes Need More Protein?  -  Sheila Kealey (2014/05/07)
Rollerski Safety and Repairs  -  Canadian Wintersports (2014/05/05)
2014 Season in Review  -  Ingrid Hagberg (2014/05/04)
XC Ottawa at the NCD Awards Banquet  -  Sheila Kealey (2014/05/02)
Brian Berry skis 7000 km this season at Lappe Nordic!  -  Team XC Ottawa (2014/04/25)
NCD Banquet  -  Jen Tomlinson (2014/04/09)
Old Chelsea Milk Run  -  Karl Saidla (2014/04/04)
2014 Gatineau Park Loop  -  Steffan Lloyd (2014/04/03)
An exceptional ski season in Gatineau Park  -  NCC (2014/03/30)
Eload/Emend marathon report: 50/30km nationals 2014  -  Riel Allain (2014/03/24)
Nationals 2014: Race #3, Sprints!!  -  Steffan Lloyd (2014/03/20)
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