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Cross-Country Ski Waxing Tips . . .

Looking for some advice on what wax to use today? Or just looking a for a few tips to improve the glide of your skis in the next race?

Well this section aims to help you with both! Can't find what you are looking for? Got a sticky waxing question? Send us an email at info@xcottawa.ca and we'll try to smooth things out.

A few tips and tricks...

Glide Waxing

We would suggest reading this article before you wax any more skis.

After that consider the Vauhti Glide Wax Recipes to help you select the right wax for the days conditions.

Grip Waxing

Now that you've got the glide taken care of all you need to do is find the right grip wax for the day. Take a look at the Vauhti Grip Wax Recipes to help you select the right wax for the days conditions. If the conditions are right around zero don't dismay, just consider these options.

Download these printer friendly versions: Grip Recipes , Glide Recipes

Remember: a successful wax job is generally very simple; complicated mixes of multiple waxes are not necessarily part of the selection process used by most waxing experts.

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