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2015 CSM Vauhti Wax Guess
By:  Craig Storey   (2015/02/06)


Weather looks to be decent for the weekend. Possibly some light snow Saturday. Cold, with highs of -12C to -16C and overnight about -20C. But its winter and you are a CSM skier not a snow bird!

We've been blessed, finally, with lots of snow. Given the warm day Friday, cold night and an eager grooming team I suspect the tracks will be fairly firm at least for the first few thousand skiers. To help you enjoy the day rather than worry about your skis here's our wax guess. Remember to pack a warmer and colder wax and cork with you for touch ups, or tell to your friends who have no grip on the hills.


Base layer: Vauhti Green
Top Layer: Vauhti LF Green


80km a day is a lot for grip wax to withstand, so a thin binder layer is a good idea. If you aren't familiar with how to put it on watch this video - John Suuronen applies base Vauhti binder.

After that you will need the usual grip wax layers.  We think the new Vauhti Kline would be great over the varied snow of the CSM course.

Binder layer: Base binder AT - ironed in, cooled and corked smooth
Top Layers: K18 or that old favourite Carrot covered with fluoro green.

As always carry a few waxes with you. We suggest a K15 to get extra grip, and a Fluoro green or K21 to speed things up. A cork and scraper come in handy too.

Best of luck to all CSMers!


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