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Vauhti K-line Grip Wax: Kryptonite for Tricky Snow
By:  Craig Storey   (2013/02/03)


Classic waxing can be tricky. There you go, we've admitted it. Not every day is a perfect Vauhti Carrot day unfortunately. Snow isn't always uniform, it can be a mix of powder, ice and slush. Sometimes the grooming is not always perfect. So you need grip waxes to deal with these tricky situations - mixed snow types, wet/dry patches, changing snow throughout the day.

Vauhti's new K-Line fluoride grip waxes have revolutionary ingredients that react to temperature by changing viscosity more precisely than ever before. Thanks to this innovation, the risk of your grip "icing-up" is low. K-Line Fluor Grips have a wide operating range, which differs slighty for new and old snow. For your convenience this is marked on the can.

The Vauhti K-line is an excellent choice for recreational skiers due to its good gripping properties, free glide and wide operating range. For racers its a must have! Devon Kershaw and Alex Harvey were on Kline for their World Championship Gold! XC Ottawa uses K-line waxes nearly everytime we toe the line.

To get familiar with the K-line, lets start at the bottom. K-base is a grippy binder for old snow. Its BaseWax Super (super binder) with some blue klister and fluor mixed in for good measure. K21 is a great cover wax to increase durability and prevent dirt build up or wear. Also a cold dry weather stand alone wax around -15C. K19 is the new snow cold wax, while K18 is the old snow cold wax around -5C...-10C.

The grip of the three softest waxes in the K-line range are related as follows: the K15 grip weakens when the temperature approaches zero, but then K12 takes over with excellent grip around 0C. Then when the K12 grip is less at the warmest end of its range, the K9 grip is at its best.

Here are the full details of each of the K-line waxes..

K9: +2-1C (red)

Grip wax for temperatures around zero. It is at its best in moist or variable and problematic conditions in all types of snow. With K9 you can cover klisters. It is also suitable to mix with other grip waxes.

K12: New snow +2-2C, old snow 0-4C (silver)

This grip wax contains aluminum and can be used in a wide range of snow conditions. Due to its viscosity, it can be used as a base wax for K9. This is an excellent wax in conditions where the temperature of the snow varies from just above zero to just below zero. It can be used on old snow in temperatures as low as -4C.

K15: New snow -1-5C, old snow -1-7C (violet)

A wax developed for new, fine grained snow in mild weather conditions. With this wax, you will sail through the difficult violet conditions in new snow conditions. The grip properties of K15 take hold even in temperatures of -0.5- 1C and, thanks to its new composition, its glide properties are much better than the previous violet grip waxes. This is most noticeable in conditions of -2C or lower temperatures. You can use K15 on new snow down to -5C and on old snow down to -7C and still have good glide. Amazingly theres no risk of freezing in any kind of snow! K 15 is at its best in conditions where the lower parts of the ski trail are at a temperature near zero and the higher parts clearly below freezing. Note: K15 is therefore at its best on new or fine snow. For coarse snow and trails that are packed hard with snow (-3C and colder conditions), we recommend K18, which has been developed specially for these conditions.

K18: Old snow -2-8C,
K19: new snow -2-12C (carrot)

K18 is a viscous, all-purpose wax that adheres extremely well to your skis for use in sub-zero conditions. It is at its best on old, coarse snow. Exceptional grip is evident already at -2C and extends to approximately -12C on old snow or on hard-packed tracks. The wax can be used alone or as an excellent base wax for other K-Line products. This wax is extremely durable. Note: K18 is most suitable for old, coarse snow. For new snow -2-5C, we recommend K15, which has been developed for these conditions, as a surface wax. K19 is a new addition for colder fresh snow below -5C where K21 does not provide enough grip.

K21: New snow -4-10C, old snow -4-15C (blue)

The K21 is an all-purpose wax for cold conditions. The wax can be used in temperatures from -4C and extending to -20C or lower, if the snow is not really fresh. It is suitable for all snow conditions. If you wish to maximize the durability, and further improve the grip, use K18 as a base wax in temperatures of -4-10C

KBase: Binder

Base wax for old coarse snow. K-base is a mixture of Basewax Super and Blue Klister with added fluoro. K-base gives an excellent sharp feeling grip, and when used correctly won't affect glide. For use only when the tracks are solid. Apply only the thinnest layer in new snow.


Full details on K-line waxes can be found on pages 13, 14, 15 and 16 of the 2012-2013 Vauhti Tech manual. Below are some K-line recipes to help you with every day waxing and those tricky situations. You should also have a look at these informative waxing videos from Vauhti.

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