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2011 CSM Wax Guess
By:  Craig Storey   (2011/02/10)


As in the past few years I've been asked to make a wax guess for the CSM. Its hard to do this well from an armchair, but here goes! I suggest reading about the conditions on the CSM website and also this scouting report (while about the old course, its still relevant for snow type and waxing). Ok,on with the guessing..



Vauhti Spektra Blue. (Go all out with Gold Fox top coat!) I expect the snow to be cold on Saturday morning. With clouds and flurries predicted a fluoro wax would be best.


Unlike past years the forecast for this CSM is mild and the current snow conditions are soft and fresh. Should be a nice change! You likely won't need a really strong binder (like Vauhti Binder Super), just a few layers Vauhti Orange (Carrot) ironed in. But if your skis lose their wax easily then by all means use a thin binder layer.

Saturday: Looks like perfect Vauhti Carrot conditions! If the fresh snow falling make your skis a bit slippery add a layer of Vauhti Tar -1..-6C.

Sunday: You'll be skiing from early morning to early afternoon, hopefully before things start to melt too much. I'd guess Vauhti Carrot should work well to start the day if the snow is dry. If its more humid or stays warmer than predicted overnight Vauhti Violet might be needed.. Depending on what kind of snow is falling you might need to adjust with a layer of Vauthi Tar -1..-6C (light dry snow) or Vauhti Tar 0..-2C (humid but not snowball snow) or Vauhti Aluminum (snowball snow). Resist the temptation to make a big fix fast, add 1-2 layers of wax and cork smooth.

Best of luck to all, and I look forward to the event reports. Send 'em in when you've recovered.

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