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Nationals 2013 - Day 2: Classic Long Distance
By:  Peter Beisel   (2013/04/01)


     On Tuesday, XC Ottawa returned to the ski trails for a second day of racing in Whistler Olympic Park in British Columbia for the Haywood Nationals 2013. Spirits were still high from the skate team sprints but I think we were all a little nervous about how the continuing warm conditions would affect our ability to get grip on a very steep course. After some furious testing with different cambers of skis and some “zero” skis, most decided to go with the new Vauhti Klister K-Base and the new Violet and Gold Universal mixed. It turned out to be a great choice and XC Ottawa had some great results on the mens and womens sides.

In the men’s competition, racing interval start for 15 kilometers, Peter Beisel finished 55th in a time of 47:37, followed by Matthias Purdon in 57th and Lee Hawkings in 75th.

The women, who raced the 10 kilometer, were led by Sheila Kealey with a finish of 36th with a time of 38:59, followed closely by Liza Rozina in 38th, Ingrid Hagberg in 59th, and Katie McMahon in 79th. Team members Logan Potter and Kyla Vanderzwet who were battling with sickness chose to gather their strength and feel better for the races later in the week! Stay tuned for more follow-up on an exciting week of racing!

Liza, Katie, Lee, Coach Mike, Anna, Ingrid and Kyla watching some racing at WOP

Shenanigans on rest day!

A very small jumper for such a big jump! The Nordic combined Nationals was held at an overlapping date as the Nordic Nationals. Very cool to watch!

The Team: Left-Right, Back-Front: Anna, Megan, Ingrid, Liza, Katie, Kyla, Sheila,
Matthias, Michael, Karl, Logan, Kyle, Lee, Andre, Peter

Great racing guys!


A full list of race results can be found on: Zone3 

Check out here for some great race-day pictures.

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