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Base Binder: The foundation of a good wax build
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2013/12/19)


If you follow XC Ottawa wax recommendations, you'll often see references to a base binder that we put on under the kick wax of the day. Our favourites are Vauhti Superbinder, Vauhti K Base, and Vauhti Teho Green.

Most people know that a base binder is critical to help your kick wax stay on in icy or abrasive conditions, or in long distance races. But base binder can also influence the quality of your kick.   

Are you curious about base binders? Peter Rozmovitz has written an excellent and in depth article that should answer most of your questions (see link below).  He's gotten feedback from some of the best wax technicians in Canada, goes over some common misconceptions about base binders, and provides plenty of practical tips. 

Happy Reading!

Base Binder: The foundation of a good wax build

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