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Gatineau Park Ski Conditions. . .
Nov 23 (2d, 12h) - Peter Lloyd - Starting Point: P10, Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, Glide Wax: LF 7, Grip Wax:
Skiing was decent up Fortune parkway, but was very slushy from Huron Lookout to Champlain Lookout. I tried trail 1 at Champlain Lookout but it wasn't very good so stuck to the parkways. I'd recommend skating at this point. The classic trails are getting very low. There's still quite a bit of snow on the parkways up to the T junction.

Nov 19 (6d, 9h) - Ingrid Hagberg - Starting Point: P10, Trails Skied: Fortune Pkwy, Champlain Pkwy, Glide Wax: Vauhti Blue, Grip Wax: Carrot
A nice evening ski in the park tonight! There's excellent coverage on the parkways and I couldn't see any pavement spots (although it was dark out, so I may have missed it). Poles were hitting the pavement a bit, but there's lots of coverage for skiing. Classic was pretty good, although some parts of the track are pretty soft. There were lots of people out skating, and that looked ok, too. All in all, some excellent November skiing!

Nov 18 (1w, 21h) - Colin Abbott - Starting Point: P3, Trails Skied: Gatineau Pkwy, Glide Wax: rock skis, Grip Wax: multigrade purple
The snow that fell yesterday is groomed! Skied from Gamelin to Mica, then to the base of Black's and back. There's no grooming until you approach the relais de plein air, then a single pass was done with a snowmobile groomer until Mica (classic only without tracks). The parkway loop was done with a pisten bully sometime early Tuesday morning and has two tracks and a skate lane set. It's still thin, especially at lower elevations and on south aspects so bring rock skis for now. All in all an amazing first ski in the park, get out there!

We've maintained a first hand report of the cross-country skiing conditions in Gatineau Park since 2002. The reports were the result of many email inquieries asking "What's the skiing really like today?". It wasn't long before we realized the need for better ski reports. Thus we tried to post fresh reports whenever we skied in the park. Soon skiers began relying on our reports so much so that emails would flood in when we didn't post a report! (Back to square one.)

There were some problems with our trail reports. Mainly, lack of variety - as a team we usually trained together at one location, lack of scope - the team might repeat the same hill 20x and only ski 5km (a small section of a large park) and the team often traveled on weekends when most skiers really want to know the conditions.

To fix this problem we opened up our trail condition reports to the genereal public by creating skiTrails.xcOttawa.ca

Now the only reports you will see displayed on the front page of XC Ottawa are those submitted by team skiers, or by a few vetted individuals when we are out of town.

Historic Ski Reports

The NCC also maintains a grooming report on-line or phone (819) 827-2020. If you encounter people walking on groomed trails, you are best advised to contact the NCC. They are responsible for the enforcement on this so report those trail wreckers whenever you see them by calling 819-827-2020 (Visitor Centre), or email info@ncc-ccn.ca.

Looking to know how long short sections of trails are? You should also consult this Gatineau Park Trail Distance Map

For suggestions on where to ski, excellent trail descriptions, photos and maps checkout Michael McGoldrick`s website about recreational xc-skiing in Canada`s National Capital Region (with an emphasis on the Gatineau Park).

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