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Comments from Marty Hall on Sept 15th NCC Meeting
By:  Marty Hall   (2009/09/21)


Hello All!

Please read the following (below) in order.

I went to the NCC's meeting on Tuesday night which was focused around the future of the park and as a "users" meeting to have a chance to give feedback as to what was being presented. The park as we know it will be changing dramatically in the near future with usage designed around the conservation of the park and the impact of all the different activities that take place in the park have on this conservation. As most of you are high end users be aware of these references in the first presentation as to what is going to happen to your involvement in the future - it is almost or is prejudicial because you are healthy, fit and can reach the extremities of the park.

It was a very slick presentation - the direction has been set - now design your participation around our parameters. One lady "user" suggested to facilitate this direction that Ridge Road (the # 1) be set with one classic track and a skating platform.  I think this trail has two-way traffic - line up the ski patrol and toboggans.

Go to the NCC web page and look fro reference to the outcome and direction and for the next user input opportunity. Also, there is a double standard in this evaluation process - there is the park and then there is Camp Fortune and the rope course - they are outside this presentation concerns and considerations.

We need to rally and stand up - all the activities were there - the problem is that we are only defending our own territory, we need to get together and speak as one voice.

All the best for the future.


NCC's Plan for the Gatineau Park: http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/data/2/rec_docs/21894_PlanningFramework.pdf

Have your say, fill in the NCC survey: Recreation Services Survey - Gatineau Park

Just to give some meaning to my comments about the meeting I have also included another meeting participant's comments for like feelings.

Comments: http://guidegatineau.com/blog/326/gatineau-park-recreation-management-plan-workshop-1/

Discussion: http://guidegatineau.com/groups/recreational-activities-workshop-context-questions-discussion

This is a local web page that oversees the NCC's activities - a rather critical perspective of how the NCC operates.


Read the comments on the Ottawa Citizen article: http://communities.canada.com/ottawacitizen/blogs/soundoff/archive/2009/09/21/355984.aspx

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