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Keskinada Classic 2006 - Wax Suggestion.
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/02/17)


Update! The race is delayed until 10am. They started grooming at 5pm with all the machines and will have their work cut out for them tonight in order to make the tracks soft and skiable! After one pass of all the machines and the tiller there were still big chunks of ice 1 inch thick. A few more pass will break all of that up however. The worry is that the dry snow on top will blow into the tracks.

The wax recommendation posted early this afternoon still stands; klister covered by Teho, covered by Green. Be sure to cover the klister if you see any dry blowing snow. Carry the Teho with you just in case!

Yikes! What could be worse than new snow, rain, new snow and then a deep freeze on Friday night? Well, a 53km classic race without wax would be worse!

It will be a tricky waxing day. Here's a guess without having seen the tracks, we'll update it tonight about 7pm when we have a better idea of the grooming effects.

Glide: Not a big deal, it will be fast. Budget wax job - 2 layers of green. Mid price - blue, Vauhti Speed Graphite, Vauhti Speed green. Full out - blue, Spektra Graphite, Spektra Green.

Grip: For grip there is the possibility the the track will fill with blowing snow, and it will be faster outside the track. Therefore you will need the best binder possible. If I had to wax my skis right now I would put 1 layer base wax, 1 layer chola or green klister, freeze it outside, 2 layers Vauhti Teho green, cover with 2 layers of Vauhti Fluoro Green. It's possible you won't need the klister, but it's hard to say until you see the track in the morning. I would go out on a limb and say for people who will need to snowplow the downhills, use a klister base!

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