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Great White North Interview Series: Chris Jeffries
By:  Karl Saidla   (2004/12/07)


I managed to catch up with Canadian National Team member Chris Jeffries of Chelsea, after the recent Canada Cup Races at the new and improved Sovereign Lake faciility at Silver Star,B.C. He had some pretty impressive races, wiping the floor with much of his competition. His results were 1st in the 15km skate, 2nd in the 15km continuous pursuit, and 2nd in the classic sprint.

Q: How do you like the new World Cup trails at Sovereign Lake?
(Sovereign Lake, along with Canmore, will host December World Cup races in 2005).

I think that they are awesome, especially the upper courses. They are hard, with nothing extremely steep, and ski very well. They should make for some exciting and fair racing.

Q: Have you been working on anything particular this year in your training? If so,how is that coming along?

This fall I have placed a focus on technique in both classic and skating. The result is that I have never felt more comfortable on skis in my life. During the summer I focused on injury prevention. I spent lots of time with a physical therapist doing preventative injury work.

Q: Were you happy with your races this week?

Very happy. It has been a long road of self improvement since June. Back then I was a full six kilos heavier than I am now.

Q: What is your favorite way to amuse yourself at Silver Star?

I work hard to maintain a fine balance between hot-tubbing, taking saunas and drinking coffee at Bugaboos, with some solid t.v. time in between.

Q: What is your favorite element of British Columbia culture?

The terrific mix of rednecks and beachboy muscleheads. As well, the plethora of cold beer and wine stores.

Chris Jeffries doing his best beachboy musclehead imitation.

Q: What is next for you with respect to training and racing during the next couple of weeks?

First I will recover from the early season volume and racing and then get my form organized for the World Championships selection races in Quebec in a couple of weeks. I am looking for a great first weekend so I can relax and enjoy things a bit more on the second weekend.

Q: What was the best meal you ate in Silver Star?

The meal that my mum and two aunts made for me. It was epic. It was a lamb dishthat included three whole heads of garlic.

Q: What is your favorite music right now?

Talib Kweli and Steve Earle

Q: What is the snow situation like right now in your part of the country?

Today I went back and forth on a 1.5 minute strip of manmade snow in Canmore. It will soon be increased to a four minute loop.

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