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2010 Gatineau Loppet Wax Recommendations
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2010/02/19)


Final wax recommendation for SATURDAY..

John put in a hard day of testing and here's what they came up with..

Glide Wax

Fast - 1 layer of Vauhti regular Blue, 1 layer Vauhti Speed Violet

Faster - 1 layer of Vauhti HF Blue, 1 layer Vauhti HF Silver

Fastest - 1 layer of Vauhti HF Blue, 1 layer Vauhti HF Silver, Zero FoxPowder

Grip Wax

Vauhti SuperBinder heated in, once cooled, 3 layers of Vauhti K-Line Orange, 2 layers of K-Line Violet. If you have tonnes of grip and you want to speed the skis up, cover with more K-Line Orange.

If you don't have the K-Line grip waxes, you can also try the regular or fluor grip waxes of the same "colour".

Please note that this is just a guess based on today's testing. It is always recommended to test your skis before the race and bring both colder and warmer grip waxes with you.

Good luck!

More recommendations coming tomorrow for Sunday's race.

Also, don't forget about the waxing clinic tonight at Fresh Air Experience at 7pm.

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