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CSM Waxing Suggestions (guess).
By:  Craig Storey   (2006/02/10)

I was stopped in the park today and have also had a few people email requests for a waxing suggestion. So here it is, but bear in mind I have never skied the course and haven't seen what the snow is like!

Snow: I suspect it will be a lot like Burmas was today sugary. The track was firm, but breaking up sinceit was made up of fine sharp crystals much like dry sand. It was still fast however. Since the CSM course gets groomed at the last minute it won't be as hard as the parkways, but it will still be abbrassive with all the freeze thaw we've had.

Forecast: -20C overnight, -15C Saturday morning, -8C high and sunny. Pretty much the same thing for Sunday.

Glide: That's easy, GREEN.  Maybe put on a couple of layers since the snow is abbrassive.

Grip: Binder is necessarry! Here you have 2 choices: klister or regular hard wax binder. If the snow is like I imagine (sugary) then you can use regular binder. My choice is Vauhti Teho green! Iron in a few layers, cork smooth and let cool. Then add 2-5 more layers of cold Teho green and cover with a thin layer of Vauhti Fluor Green.  The Teho gives you the needed grip and the green fluor gives you the glide and also protects the underlayers to a small degree.

If the tracks look icy, then blue klister is a better binder. Heat some of that on, let it freeze solid and then cover with a few layers of the Teho green for grip and cover with a layer of fluor green for glide.

But remember this is "virtual" advice I haven't seen the actual tracks or snow type.  Remember to carry a couple of waxes with you; one warmer than you are using, one colder and the one you are using just in case.

Whatever wax you use, good luck and enjoy your big day!  Oh, and should you care to share your adventure with us, send us an email and we'll post it here.

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