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Wax suggestion for Saturday's Thea's Race
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2013/03/07)

Race Start Times:

If your start time is in the afternoon, apply the Vauhti universal fluor klister (on top of violet klister) at home if you don't have a wax setup at the race site. You will probably need a small amount of Vauhti silver plus klister mixed in as well.


With plentiful snow on the ground and a spring-like day Saturday, Nakkertok North will be an amazing place to be this weekend! As usual, March gives us all the opportunity to learn more about grip waxing, and with a forecast low of -9 and a high of 7, there will be lots of learning going on at Thea's race . . .   Check out this site for an idea of how fast things will warm up.

Here is our best guess for Saturday's waxing:

Base Layer: Vauhti fluor violet klister ironed in (you might want to do this step at home).
Top Layer: Most likely top layer will be Vauthi Fluor universal klister. Start with a very thin layer (only 4 drops over grip pocket). Spread these with a heat gun and brush over violet. If more grip is needed add more universal.

If there is fresh snow in the tracks, you will need to cover violet klister with hard wax. K9, K12, or K15 might work depending on the temperature/state of the track. To do this well place skis base down on snow and let klister get cold after trip in car. Then cover klister with appropriate hard wax. Don't cork in hard so that the klister stays under hard wax. It is best to put on a second layer and not cork it at all. Ski this layer smooth.
If you know you can't work with klister at the race site, you can apply universal at home as well. However universal is tougher to cover with hard wax if that is necessary.
If conditions are warmer than predicted now, bring along at least the Vauhti Silver Plus Fluor klister.

Fast - Vauhti Yellow
Faster - Vauhti LF Yellow
Fastest - Vauhti HF Silver. Then cover this with either Zero Fox, Silver G Fox, or hfC Fluoro block. If the temperature looks like it's going to be +2 or higher for race time the Silver G Fox, or hfC Fluoro covers are your best bets.

Structure can improve glide immensely in warm conditions by helping reduce suction created by wet melting snow. Use the Red Creek Christmas Bough” / “Herringbone” + 15-to -5 pine needle pattern or the Coarse "Oblique" Cut.

Good Luck!
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