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New and Improved Vauhti Glide Waxes for Wet Conditions
By:  Team XCOttawa.ca   (2006/02/20)


SilverFox/SilverFox G | ZeroFox | *NEW* SilverFox Liquids


A specialty fluoropowder used in thoroughly wet conditions. The composition of SilverFox has been altered for improved performance in very wet conditions. The optimal range extends from slushy wet to wet and sticky conditions around the freezing point. SilverFox is not recommended when the temperature is colder than the freezing point. It is also not recommended to be used in dirty snow.

Application: Does not require any special considerations/techniques. It can be ordinarily rubbed on cold or ironed. When ironing on, use a temperature setting where the product melts completely approximately 120 130C.


It is a specialty fluoropowder containing graphite for wet snow or conditions around the freezing point. The modified SilverFox G is distinctly harder and more wear resistant powder than the regular white SilverFox. The optimal working range is coarse wet conditions and all wet conditions when the snow is dirty. The working range extends below freezing to -1C in new moist snow and to -3C in old snow.

Application: Cold - Sprinkle the powder on the glide surfaces. Rub the powder either with a manual hand cork or a rotocork until it forms an even and smooth layer on the glide surfaces. Apply only very light pressure if using a rotor cork. Let the powder cool and then finish with an appropriate brush. The application can be repeated by rubbing the dust generated by the brushing over again. Always complete the application with a thorough brushing.

Hot - Sprinkle the powder and rub lightly using a natural cork ensuring an even spread throughout the glide surfaces. A light rubbing of the powder prior to ironing is a requirement for a successful application: The graphite contained in the powder will not spread without the initial rubbing into an even layer and the resulting performance will not be optimal. Following the rubbing, use a mild setting on the iron (approximately 110C). Note that the powder does not need to completely melt. Cool the bases thoroughly and brush vigorously to finish.



It is a fluoropowder for mild, just below freezing conditions. The composition of ZeroFox is also improved for 2005-2006. It is harder than its predecessor and its optimal working range is broader. The powder now also tolerates dry snow substantially better than the previous version. The improved working range extends, under normal humidity, from freezing all the way down to -5 to -8 C

Application: Can be rubbed on cold or ironed normally. Use an iron temperature between 130-140 C to ensure complete melting of Zerofox.


SilverFox Liquid is fluor finishing additive for very wet conditions, while the SilverFox G Liquid is best in very wet dirty snow.

Liquefied fluor glide finishing additives form a very thin, even and highly hydrophobic (water repellent) film on the glide surfaces. These additives are designed primarily as a high performance finish, and fine tuning of fluor powder/compressed fluor ski preparations in very wet conditions. These additives can be applied directly on top of other Vauhti glide waxes.


  1. On top of bases prepared with fluor powder or compressed fluor gliders: Spread a thin film of the liquid on top of a room temperature brushed fluor waxed ski. Allow to dry for at least five minutes. If the snow base is soft and the snow old, it is not necessary to brush this top layer. If the snow base is firm/hard and the snow fine grained or new then finish off with a light nylon brushing. Allowing for a longer time to dry improves the durability of the application.

  2. On top of conventional or low fluor glide waxes: Spread a layer of the liquid on top of waxed and brushed skis. Allow to dry for approximately five minutes. Iron the resulting dried layer using light pressure and a mild iron or rub the dried layer using a natural cork. Nylon brush lightly. Spread a second layer of the liquid on the glide surfaces. Let dry for at least five minutes. Brush if the snow base is hard. A longer drying time will improve the durability of the glide.

Using SilverFox Fluor Liquids

Glide wax the skis for the conditions of the day. Spread fluor liquid on top of the glide waxed ski to form a thin film by using your finger or a small piece of lint free cloth. Let the bases dry long enough that they do not appear or feel moist. At room temperature, this takes about 5 minutes. Horsehair brush and go!

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