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2010 CSM Wax Guess
By:  Craig Storey   (2010/02/11)

I've been asked a few times this week to make a wax guess for the CSM. It gets hard to do when you haven't been on snow in the last two weeks! I suggest reading about the conditions on the CSM website and also this scouting report - while about the old course, its still relevant for snow type and waxing. Ok, here goes with the guessing..

Weekend Forecast

  • Fri night: Chance of flurries. Low -11C. POP 40%
  • Sat: Chance of flurries. High -4C. POP 60%
  • Sun: Snow. Low -7C. High -3C.


Pretty fast conditions these days, a hard graphite or a hard green underlayer and a Speed Blue cover will work nicely. Getting fancy: Molybeden Graphite, Speed Blue, Black Fox.


Binder! Use it or loose it. Looking at a few pictures of the old CSM course here it looks like similar conditions to what we have in town - very old crusty snow, with at most a little fresh topping. I expect the tracks will be good and solid, and pretty fast, but abrassive. Carry wax with you.

So what binder? Blue Klister? Hmm..a good idea for the crusty base, but with 60% chance of flurries it could be dangerous. Vauhti Teho Green? Even worse than klister if there are any new snowflakes around. Vauhti Super binder - definitely a good idea. My best guess as to what would last the entire distance would be a mix of blue klister and super binder if you know how to do that. Make the binder thin and smooth as glass. Freeze it solid then cover with the appropriate number of layers of Vauhti Orange (Carrot) to suit your skis and you are all set.

Best of luck to all!

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