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2019 CSM Weekend Wax Guess
By:  Craig Storey   (2019/02/07)


Another CSM is upon us, and keeners are already waxing their skis.

While its still a little early to know exactly what the trail conditions are going to be. The weather forecasts (Lachute, Mont-Tremblant) predict a wet night and more rain and +3C Friday, then a quick freeze and light snow until 9pm.

So what does that mean? Your guess is as good as mine. The good news is we are blessed with a lot of base this year and this little warm spell won't mean pure icey tracks. But I'd say there will be melting and water which will need to drain and cool before they can start grooming. The grooming will likely have fresh snow mixed in or sitting on top. So your wax will have to deal with a variety of snow types and not get worn off the ski by an abbrassive track.

So, without further ado.. the big guesses. :)

Glide: Green. (Or LF/HF green if you want more speed!)

Grip: Binder + klister binder mixed together and ironed in. Let it cool.

That covers keeping your wax on the ski. Now for the tricky part, picking the kick layer.

If conditions allow the groomers lots of time to work their magic I think the snow will get well ground up, possibly turning sugary with lots of traffic. It will be fairly cold at the start (-15C) and warming throughout the day to -9C. In this case you would use a medium cold hard wax cushion layer like Vauhti k15 or Vauhti carrot or Rode blue. Cover this with a cold wax like Vaught K21, Vauhti Green or Rode Green.

But there's a lot of track to groom in a short time. It might be its still a bit wet and things set up rock hard in which case you need blue klister covered with hard wax to prevent that fresh snow from causing any icing.

If you have two pairs of skis, set up both cases and go with whichever option suits the tracks you find Saturday morning. If you have one pair setup up the hard wax option and be prepared to add a little more wax throughout the day. Your kick should be fine on hard wax as long as you use the cushion layer and don't just opt for straight Swix Polar!

Carry a tin of hard wax or two with you, even if you use the klister option. It usually comes in handy if only to help out a buddy and show off your waxing expertise.

Best of luck and enjoy the CSM Weekend. Looking forward to hearing all the stories!

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