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The Best Way to Experience Fall Colors
By:  Andre Marchand   (2011/10/14)


My life, as it stands now, basically comprises of eating, sleeping, training, and school. To some this seems ideal, and to others it seems kinda crazy, but this is what I enjoy, so it suits me. Thankfully as a skier I am not condemned to just an indoor cardio machine, and I can choose activities that I fully enjoy while getting the benefit I need from the workout.

So this year, as in the past years, when the leaves started to change I went exploring with a trail run of epic proportions! Kyle, Matthias and I put our heads together and came up with a route that would both satisfy our needs to get in hours, and experience the Fall Colors at their peak!

In my opinion the best/only way to see all the colors of the Gatineau Park is by going for a run or hike through its vast trail network. It is not too hard to plan a route with a lookout in it since there are countless lookouts scattered throughout the trails.

And now a few photos to guide you through our adventure...

Matthias leading the way through the overgrown lowlands


We eventually arrived at the ruins of an old fertilizer plant built in the 1900's



... So Matthias and I try to blend in with the tourists


Content with our little pit-stop we press on to the look-out, in this case, the high point chosen is the top of Camp Fortune... and it was quite a view!


Nothing but colourfull hills for miles and miles... and now a panoramic shot from our adventure's designated photographer, Kyle Power, who is also responsible for all the sweet pictures in this article!


We finally finished this trek off... or it finished us off, the verdict is still out... and it was time to profit from the effects of cold weather on streams... ICE BATH ANYONE!?!


Hope you can get out and enjoy the fall colors the proper way, it sure beats the heck out of looking at them through a car window!

Thanks for reading,

Andre M.

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