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Gatineau Park Photos from April 13th, 2008.
By:  Craig Storey   (2008/04/13)


P10 was full, just like it has been all winter...skiers of all skills and ages haven't stopped.

Snow at P10 is still deep. Check-out those gates.

Great grooming at 9am. Skating was firm and quick, classic tracks were firm too.

You can still edge for skating and use good skis.

There are 2 bare spots in the entire park, this one on Penguin and the other is on the Champlain Parkway near Huron.

There's lots of snow on the rest of Penguin.

Lots of snow in the picnic field too. (Checkout the garbage can!)

Could be June before anyone can get to those.

Here's Kyber pass, another place where the snow disappears early. No shortage of snow here either.

Kybher pass looking up.


Bonk Alley, #1 at #24, looking back towards the lookout.

Out near McKinstry there was a lot of cracking noises and ice falling out of the trees. Yesterday's rain in town was all freezing rain and snow in the park.

Frozen trees.

Lots of ice in these trees.

More pretty trees.

Just before McKinstry it looked quite wintery.

Grooming stopped at McKinstry (for some unknown reason), but a few cm of snow with a little crust didn't stop most skiers who kept going all the way to the Firetower.

Snow was thinner at the Firetower, but the hikers I talked to there found it deep coming up from Luskville.

Thin is relative, there's atleast a foot at the Firetoer just not 3 feet.

Cyclists, squint closely at that sign. :) Another 2 weeks at least, if not 3.

At 1pm the parkways were whipped potatoes, but still quite good classic skiing to be had. Best skiing time of the day was 9-11am.

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