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That's an Excellent Question: What should I do if I notice people walking or snowshoeing on the traisl?
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2009/12/23)

I'm a recreational skier (with a seasons pass) and I enjoy checking out XC Ottawa. Have you guys noticed more hikers and snowshoers on the GP trails? I've come across a lot, even near parking lots with employees working.

Is there somewhere I can send my complaint?

p.s. what is the etiquette when you see someone hiking on ski trails? Should I tell them there's no hiking?


Hi M,

Yes, over the past few seasons we've noticed more and more walkers and snowshoers using the ski trails. In certain areas the NCC is encouraging snowshoeing and winter hiking with snowshoe specific and multi-use trails.  The total number of snowshoers using the park is still far, far fewer than skiers but there is some confusion about which trails showshoeing and winter hiking are aloud on since there are very few signs posted at trail intersections, etc.. This is especially problematic when there is freezing rain as hikers find the groomed ski trails more desirable than the sidewalks!

If you encounter people walking/snowshoeing on groomed ski trails perhaps offer a polite informative comment, but it's best to avoid confrontations and just tell the parking lot attendant and also contact the Visitor Centre 819-827-2020, or email info@ncc-ccn.ca.

Glad you enjoy the site!

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