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Updated: 2018 Gatineau Loppet Waxing Suggestion
By:  Craig Storey   (2018/02/16)


Sunday - Glide Wax

Fast - 1 layer LF Green, 1 layer Vauhti LF Blue

Faster - 1 layer of Vauhti HF Green, 1 layer of Vauhti HF Violet

Fastest -1 layer of Vauhti HF Moly, 1 layer of Vauhti HF Blue, top fluoro hvc 15.1 or GoldFox.


Karl describes the track as "The track is well tilled, firm and a mix of ice bits and fine grained new snow." Making a klister binder a bit too aggressive. So we're going with.

Grip -

  • Iron in a good layer of Vauhti K-base binder (regular not klister). Let cool, cork smooth.
  • Iron in a layer of k18. Let cool, cork smooth.
  • Layers of K15 crayoned on and corked smooth.
  • Have a cold cover ready in case fine snow falls overnight

Looks like a great weekend for the loppet!  We might have survived the melt with a good snow base and though it will be cold overnight Friday both Saturday and Sunday race temperatures look decent.

Given the current state of grooming, these wax suggestions are just guesses. No testing has occurred since the melt since conditions don't reflect what the race courses will be like tomorrow. We'll update these recommendations before the end of the day as we figure out the snow will be like tomorrow.

Saturday - Glide Wax

Fast -2 layers Vauhti LF Green

Faster -2 layers of Vauhti HF Green

Fastest -1 layer of Vauhti HF Green, top fluoro is HFC 15.1 or GoldFox.

Saturday - Grip Wax

The park has seen freezing drizzle and warm temperatures for >24hrs. The temperature is starting to drop below zero and grooming is likely to occur soon. There is a small chance of some fresh snow accumulations, hopefully that gets mixed into the base and does not come close to race time and cover the tracks. Glide should be fast, but grip maybe tougher to predict and to keep on your skis. A good base binder will be needed to make it from last the long haul!

Best guess -Vauhti K-base klister binder (not klister)+ base binder super mixed.  Top layers will be K15 or k18 under foot covered with Vauhti Fluor Green or K21 if you have too much grip or there's fresh snow in frozen tracks.

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