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More Spring Skiing: The Labrador Edition
By:  Kyle Power   (2010/05/11)

       After reading Lee’s article of the “Northern Boys” skiing in and around Whitehorse, I decided that me, an Eastern Northerner’, should post some spring skiing photos from this side of the country. By the looks of it, the spring skiing in the Yukon is simply amazing but I would have to say that it is also pretty darn good here in Labrador too!
         It took a few days to get use to not training and skiing with my teammates but after that, I really enjoyed some great solo adventures of skiing on the trails I grew up on here in Lab City. One of the best parts about skiing at home in the spring, is the skiing isn’t that far from your front door. With only two stop signs, approx 5min of driving and some dirt road of course, I find myself outside the Menihek Nordic Chalet gearing up for another great ski.

So here it is – check out the photos:

First ski of the "new" spring after returning home from Ottawa. The snow is a little dirty but no complaints from me in late April!

Good lake skiing.

Spring run off.

Spring Klister Skiing can be tricky but when it works it makes for an awesome day!

Solid crust mid morning about 2 weeks ago.

The skiing was getting a bit slim, but.....

Then it snowed again! A couple days of snow made for beautiful skiing and extended it well in to the month of May.

Epic Back-Country ski! Photo was just taken after approaching the tree line in the Outback of Smokey Mtn.

May 6th, Still Given'er. This was my first long workout of the "official" new ski season and there was nothing better than doing it on snow!

          Unfortunately the skiing is slowly but surely coming to an end. Last week after breaking a pole one day and a ski the next day both my parents and me thought it might be a good idea to just let the rest of the snow melt. But like any die-hard skier, I wouldn’t be surprise if I find myself up there scrounging for more snow and skiing later this week. As for now I can’t let myself forget about those “running legs” I’m going to need real soon.

Happy Spring training!

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