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26 Pictures on the way to the Firetower and Back Today
By:  Craig Storey   (2010/03/16)


I saw only 4 bare spots on my entire 60km tour today. Ridge by Shilly Shally is dirty, and there are a few wet spots on the parkway, but Burma, #24 and #1 to the firetower were excellent. I'd recommend 99.44% of the network I skied today!

P10 was pretty full at 11am, and still fuller at 5pm!

Fortune Parkway at P10 was solid.  Snow was granular but not too wet, thus easy fast skiing with plenty of edge and control.  No grooming today.

Burma turn-off has full coverage.  Note giant snow ball!

Looking back from #3 towards Fortune Lake.  There were a whole line of these snowballs plowed off the parkway. ??

Looking up towards Keogan from #3 turn-off, lots of snow plowed off the parkways.

Burma climb was excellent, no bare spots.

Burma, mid-climb.

Burma, top of climb.  Ok, I stopped for too many breaks on this climb, but I was headed for the Firetower so needed to drink anyway.

A usual problem spot along Burma has been fixed by a culvert.

The only bare spot on Burma.  It's the usual "first spot to go" near the swap on - but really isn't bad at all. 

Water tank loop was superb, still snowbanks lining the trail.

#1 approaching the climb to the Wolf intersection.

No fresh grooming, but the skate lane was solid and the tracks were well formed if shallow.

The rain on Sunday has helped clean up the snow and make it firmer.  Rain actually improved the skiing; ironic.

Pines at 2km to McKinstry.

This little culvert usually has gravel showing by the time the temperature gets >10C, but is well covered right now.

Nice smooth level surface, thanks to the rain.

McKinstry towards home.

McKinstry towards the Firetower.

McKinstry itself.

Some of the best skiing of the day just before the goal.


Firetower loop still well covered.

Funky colours in the frozen pond.  (Looked better through my sunglasses!)

Bonk Alley (#1 between the #24 intersections)

Note that even though it was really warm, maybe +12C, the trail didn't soften that much.

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