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'Twas the Night Before Ski Training
By:  Craig Storey   (2002/10/21)


'Twas the night before ski training, when the word went out
There was a chance of a snow fall, so I'd better watch out.
All of my equipment I was told to prepare,
And my hats, mitts and jacket were slung over a chair.

As I was nestled all snug in my bed,
Visions of snowfakes danced in my head.
With snow tires on my car and skis on my rack,
I knew I would be ready, should Jack Frost attack.

In the trunk of my car, there was such a clutter,
Of roller skis, a scooter, running shoes, and peanut butter.
If only rain fell, and not snow like forcast,
I'd be forced to train, like warm weekends past.

At dawn, to the window I flew like a flash
Tore open the blinds and threw up the sash.
But to my disappointment, there was nothing but fog,
Sigh! One more snowless day in my ski training log.

Two snooze buttons later, I left in the dark
In rain I drove slowly, headed for the Park
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a city plough, with 8 cm of snow on the rear.

Then a speeding driver I was, so lively and quick.
I thought for a moment it might be a trick.
But snow on the roof tops re-inforced what was claimed
I could ski today and I loudly exclaimed:

"No scootering! No running! No roller skiing today!
No cycling! No hiking! On skis I will play!"
To Fortune, to Penguin, the hills they did call,
Kick and glide, kick and glide, I will ski up them all!

Onward and upward past P8 I did steer,
On the lookout for a fellow XCOttawa skier,
To P10 I ventured, rally car style,
Eager to ski my very first mile.

Dressed in modern fabrics, from my head to my foot,
On a parkway cloaked in thick snow, my skis I did put.
Classic style was the technique of the day,
I headed out hoping to journey a long way.

My eyes how they twinkled, I was giddy and merry.
I took with me all the Eload I could carry.
A summer of weights had my arms feeling strong,
Hours spent on the scooter has made my stride long.

I spoke not a word, but went straight to work,
Skiing like mad, 'til my HRM went berzerk.
At the stone bridge that crosses Ridge road,
I looked up and down, and not a single rock showed!

All the way down to Penguin I would go,
Over red, green and orange leaf covered snow.
The ground was brilliant, the fall colours too,
Two seasons in one - a spectacular view!

I sprang off my skis, to my team I did gush,
Of a 4 hour ski in October's early slush.
You may have heard me exclaim as I drove out of sight,

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