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David Zylberberg wins 2002 Brent Wilson Memorial
By:  Craig Storey   (2002/01/04)


David Zylberberg of XCOttawa won the 7th Annual Brent Wilson Memorial Nordic Invitational on Saturday January 4, 2002 in Sudbury. Brent Wilson was a high school teamate of David's at Lockerby Composite School who died of an embolism during a full team run in November 1996. Zylberberg, fresh off his second-place at Canada Games Trials, attacked early and could only be followed by his former high school teamate Rob Bewick. At 6 km Zylberberg dropped Bewick and went on to win the 10km skate race by 9 seconds, 2:28 up on 3rd place Brendan Waddell and 2:30 on Rob Rice. Waddell was victorious in the high school race over Tyler Punkinnen and Joel Zylberberg. Matt Smider won the younger high school race in a sprint finish over Matt Little.

In the women's race Helen Dyke of Laurentian University beat Susie Wiseman by 12 seconds and Kattie Farrell beat Linnea Kershaw and Melissa Bota in a close finish.



  • 1. David Zylberberg XC OTTAWA 21:11
  • 2. Rob Bewick Laurentian 21:20
  • 3. Brendan Waddell Lo-Ellen Park Secondary 23:38
  • 4. Rob Rice 23:40
  • 5. Ulf Kleppe Onaping Falls Nordic 24:57
  • 6. Tyler Punkkinen Lockerby COmposite School 25:47
  • 7. Joel Zylberberg Lockerby Composite School 26:26


  • 1. Helen Dyke Laurentian 28:10
  • 2. Susie Wiseman Laurentian 28:22

Young Women

  • 1. Katie Farell Lockerby COmposite School 13:37
  • 2. Linnaea Kershaw Lockerby COmposite School 13:41
  • 3. Melissa Bota Lo-Ellen Park Secondary 13:42

Young Men

  • 1. Matt Smider Lo-Ellen Park Secondary 14:24
  • 2. Matti Little Lockerby COmposite School 14:25

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