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Gatineau Park Ski Photos from April 9th, 2009
By:  Craig Storey   (2009/04/09)


P10 - good start!

Top of Fortune by Fortune Lake. Good skating, a bit bumpy but no one is complaining for April!

Approaching Gossip corner, still no bare spots and great coverage. Kudos to those that skied in the nice tracks and what looks like snow machine grooming yesterday.

Ridge Road just past Keogan, beautiful single track classic skiing. With kick wax, no klister required!

Skating was better in the other direction. This is Kyber pass just past Shilly Shally. Looks like mid-Winter!

Looking back down Kyber pass. Good depth of coverage, but you can still see and hear the Spring run-off.


Two of the parks most regular skiers out Ridge near Champlain!

Champlain. Looks like the snow managed to stick to the park boundaries!

Shilly Shally swamp, mostly frozen.

Shilly Shally swamp.

P10, getting crowded at 9:45am! Hope everyone enjoys this last little taste of skiing.

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