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Gatineau Park Ski Photos from April 12th, 2009
By:  Craig Storey   (2009/04/12)


I skied this afternoon/evening and have a few more pictures to share. I was expecting slush today, and not much of it by late this afternoon. But I couldn't have asked for better skiing!

If you time it right the skiing is pretty good, much better than Friday morning. I went from P10 to Champlain parkway, onto Ridge at Huron out almost to Wolf and back along Ridge. I was very tempted to try Burma, and had I brought a snack and water I might have gone to the Firetower.

If you want one last ski try 3-5pm, the crust will be soft but not slushy anymore as the snow has turned to corn most places. There are a few icy spots but generally its really quite nice. It will be gone soon though.

Cue the dramatic music, great skiing!

Fortune T, towards Champlain. It can be hard to ski when the ruts are still firm.

Fortune T, towards Black Lake. There were a dozen or so people finishing up when I was heading out. Most of them I recognize as regulars.

Fortune T, Fortune parkway. A few avoidable bare spots.

The unavoidable bare spot Alana mentioned at the Huron off-ramp.

Burma didn't look that inviting, but people had skied it today. I just wussed out as I was getting hungry.

This is the unfinished parkway just before the lookout.

This is along #1 at #24.

A small bare spot along #1.

The lookout along the unfinished parkway (#1 past #24).

A longer bare spot pas the lookout.

Great snow at #1 and the second intersection of #24.

The intersection looking back.

#24, barely skied on but good except for a few small spots.

#40 looks good.

#24 at #40.

#24 had a tree down blocking the way. Easy enough to skirt around if you approach it on the uphill, perhaps a little surprising if you come from the downhill side (from the water tank down!).

Why do hikers always have to walk in the tracks?

Ridge just before a bare patch, just before Huron.

Ridge the other direction just before Huron.

Ridge past Huron.

Ridge, a top Kyber pass.

Kyber pass, great skiing until the bottom where there's an unavoidable pit stop. Slow down to keep upright.

Someone is adventurous. That's #9 leading off the Fortune parkway. I can only imagine there was more snow early today.

This is the larger (100m) of 2 bare spots along the Fortune parkway up from P10. I didn't take my skis off, but most would have.

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