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Skiing pictures from Dec. 5th, 2007
By:  Craig Storey   (2007/12/06)


I got a call from the CBC yesterday. They wondered if I would be out skiing this morning and would I mind giving them a report from the trails. (Listen to the interview which requires RealPlayer) I ended up talking to Kathleen Petty of CBC morning from the 'T' junction at the top of Penguin. Quite a nice spot to stop and chat. I took a few photos while I waited and when I turned around at the Burma turn-off.

The sun was just creeping up as I started skiing, which is always nice.

This is just past Shilly Shally on the way up. Conditions are nice!

Ridge Road at Burma turn-off looking back towards Huron.

Frosty trees at the top of Penguin.

Nice Christmas tree!

Me on the phone.

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