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2006/03/22 - Pictures of the Current Ski Conditions
By:  Craig Storey   (2006/03/22)


At this time of year people often give up on skiing because they think there can't be any snow left since the snow in town is pretty slim. Well, pictures proove the skiing is excellent right now!

You are probably in the best skiing shape of the season, it's warm and sunny most days. Why not go out and enjoy the spring skiing? The bike can wait a few weeks, but this snow won't last forever!

Not many cars at P10 this morning.

Great looking trails at P10.

Parkway at P5 looks nice too!

Karl out for a ski near P5.

The snow is nicely tilled ice balls which are fast and make for easy skiing.

Close up of the little ice balls that you could be skiing on.

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