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Greg's Chelsea Nordiq Sprints: Jan20th, 2004
By:  Craig Storey   (2004/01/20)


Results are at the bottom of this page. Before that though a bit of background on the event and why you might consider participating.

Chelsea Nordiq has done a wonderful job of moving their very successful sprints of last winter from the Dunderossa Golf Course to the Chalet des Erables and Camp Fortune. The volunteers should be very proud. A large demographic of skiers came out for the first event. From Midget aged skiers and Masters, skiers who live on their boards and even a the a very brave Carleton student who did participated even thought it was his first time on skiing! (He did amazingly well.)

The night was made all that much better by being able to sit in the Chalet des Erables after the races and eat chili and and socialize. There was even beer available! What more could you ask for. Even if you don't sprint just come out for a ski and a $6 meal.

The course this year is very similar in style to last year's. It's short and fast with a few twists thrown in, but very skiable. Good things come in threes; so each sprint heat, of which everyone does 3 times, consists of 3 loops of the course. This makes it a lot of fun too ski and not too tiring for an evening workout.

Just like last year theses sprints are a big sucess, but don't just take our word for it...

Congrats to all who participated and organized the xc sking sprint races at the Camp Fortune race centre Tuesday night.

For those of you who were not there... you should know what you are missing:

  • Great competition from top elite to never raced before skiers
  • Cool lighted 1km race course (hills turns etc)
  • 4 person starts
  • Everyone does three heats
  • only $10 entry fee
  • Lodge with food and warmth
  • Great fun

Show up and you will be hooked!

David McMahon & Lise Meloche
Clean Oxygen Fed Sport Cinematography




Midget Boys

1. 35 Riel Allain
2. 34 Sebastien Townsend
3. 33 Tristan Babinski

Midget Girls

1. 37 Sofia Attali
2. 38 Noémi Bérubé
3. 39 Mareck Beaudoin-Bacon

Junior, Senior and Masters Men

1.1Karl Saidla
2. 3 Arno Turk
3. 2 Chris Martin
4. 4 Craig Storey
5. 5 Wayne Dustin
6. 9 David McMahon
7. 6 Bryan Sirois
8. 10 Theron Hathaway
9. 13 Benoit Letourneau
10.8 Nevin French
11.7 Gavin Hamilton
12.15 Gilles Bérubé
13.12 Mark Babinski
14.11 Peter Tregunno
15 16 Rob Moreland
DNF 14 Michael Lalonde

Junior, Senior and Masters Women

1. 17 Megan MacTavish
2. 20 Erika Langman
3. 19 Éva Szabó
DNF18 Natalya Kuziak

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