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Nakkertok Nordic Centre Continues to Improve!
By:  Craig Storey   (2007/09/26)


Last spring before the ground was even fully thawed Dirk and Claudia were already starting to work on the next round of Nakkertok Nordic Centre trail improvements. (You can take a strole down memory lane and see the begins of the Nakkertok Nordic Centre.)

Like any good training plan the Nakkertok Nordic Centre development got underway in the spring, right at the end of the last season. It incorporated lots of feedback about the previous season and addressed its weaknesses and played to it's strengths. There was spring trail clearing by the junior teams, summer excavator work, grass planted and finally this week chipping of all the leftovers.

The best part about all the work that's been done whipping the trails into shape is that they'll be ready for early snow and peak when the Eastern Canadian Championships come to town.

So what's changed at Nakkertok Nordic Centre? Here's a less than complete list...

  • There's a new sprint course! Looks like lots of fun.
  • The Start lane out of the stadium has been significantly widened and re-graded for better mass-start races. Eastern's will have mass-start classic races this year.
  • Stadium widening will happen very soon. More room for XCOttawa Duathlons!
  • There are improvements to widen and improve a few existing trails to make a full 10km skating loop with hillier terrain. Specifically trails #4, 2, ..
  • Drainage was improved on many trails.
  • Hydro! (No more huge generators needed)
  • An area cleared to accommodate a huge tent for waxing at big events.
  • The parking lot can now accommodate larger crowds.
  • There's a bus specific parking area too.

Claudia van Wijk out doing trail work on a snowy spring day.

Claudia standing in a drainage problem area.

Excavator making spring trail improvements.

Excavator fixing drainage issues.

The fall colours have started at Nakkertok.

The stadium is completely covered in grass, which was just mowed.

Nice lawn in the stadium should make it better for early season skiing.

Long time Nakkertokker and current CCO president Jim McCarthy lending a hand. Dave Malory, long time Nakkertok coach also putting a good day's work/training.

The chipper and a huge pile of wood chips.

The chipper - aka the beast.

Another pile of chips, the result of many hours of work by lots of people.

Yet another pile of chips.

Jump Hill, once a ski jump, has being revived for the sprint course.

I'm not sure how they expect us to get down the other side of Jump Hill yet though...unless it lives up to its name.

Widened trails!

They're really wide. This view is leading back to the stadium. It's also a great wide, sheltered area for teaching and drills.

Double wide start funnel in the works.

Dirk, Brian and John. A short break to plan the next place to work.

In the end this is what it's about - creating a great destination for racing and training.

The barn's waiting for you after the races.

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