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DIY Cross Country Ski Boots and More!
By:  Craig Storey   (2011/02/04)

This fall we were sent an email that stated..

"I have been searching for extra wide (EEE) xc ski boots for many years without success here in Ottawa, Canada and have given up on the sport. I would like to re-start it if I can the right size boots. Can you advise whether you make them and if so, where in Canada can I buy a pair? - Milan"

So I pointed him at a few boot manufactures, and also at the DIY ski boot articles. Recently Milan sent us an update with photos and comments.

"The boots are very good. He (cobbler) cut out about an inch at the top and sewed on soft leather which makes the boots expand very nicely. It is hard to believe in this day and age when people are much bigger, along with wider feet that no one has taken up the challenge. I can get golf shoes that are extra wide, running shoes, walking shoes, but no xc boots. - Milan"

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) spirit is evident at this site - probably because we are a DIY ski team. But over the years we've posted a few good DIY guides...

We've had a lot of interest in the DIY tracksetter that Arno made for his old Cub Scout troop.

A few years ago a buddy of mine was looking for ski boots, size 17 ski boots to be exact. He didn't find any, so I gave him an old pair of my classic boots and he proceeded to made his own ski boots out of converted basketball shoes. At the time I posted though that was pretty neat so I posted an article about the process of making your own ski boots.

Around that same time a for mat of ski races was gaining popularity - skiathlons, continuous pursuits, pursuits without a break or as we like to call them "duathlons" where you ski classic, switch skis and poles and then do skating. If you were on Salomon at the time, you were in a bind equipment wise. Classic boots used profile bindings that were incompatible with Pilot bindings. This meant you had to classic in skate boots, a difficult task given how stiff the boots were. As a result there were a lot of skiers making their own pursuit boots out of old skate boots. Now a days you can buy specialty pursuit boots, but if you aren't sure how much you need an extra pair you can just convert those old boots.

Over the years we've had many emails from other skiers who have found these types of articles useful. Have you built your own wooden skis, ski box, shelf, chair, fence or sled? Researched your own ski wax formula? Built a ski pole attachment? Built a new ski boot and binding system? Send us your DIY ski related stories!

Ah, the internet is a wonderful thing. It's even useful to skiers. But I guess you knew that already.

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