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Open 8.5km Classic TT Results.
By:  Craig Storey   (2001/12/22)


Technique: Classic

Start: 10:15 AM, Air: -14C, Snow: -12C

Course: (Gatineau Park) Keogan Bridge to Champlian Lookout, back towards Black Lake (1.5 km past the T) and back to the bridge. Approximately 8.5 Km.




1.Karl Saidla26,21  
2.Steve Bursey27,26 
3.David Zylberberg27,35 
4.Bevan Ferrera27,51 
5.Arno Turk28,14 
6.Eric Rouleau28,23 
7.Craig Storey28,43 
8.Joel Zylberberg30,43 
1. Megan McTavish31,44 
2. Sandra Mortimer36,56 
3. Alicia Brethiaume37,59 
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