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2007 1st Snowfall Contest Update
By:  Craig Storey   (2007/11/19)

Oops! Good thing you readers are keeping us honest, we forgot to list half the participants! Many apologies to those that were left off the initial update (white rows in the table) and thanks for pointing out the error! Still only 6 possible winners, good luck! (Maybe tonight!!)


Way back at the end of October we asked for predictions for the first snowfall of the year. Last time we ran the contest we were skiing in the park within hours of the contest entry deadline. This time, no such luck. We had so hoped this would be a short contest!

Ok, so lets see what all the contestants predicted and who still has a chance at winning...

Maurice Bastarache
Oct. 27th at 06:30
Matthew Ladd
Oct. 28th at 16:00
Caitlin Crooks
Oct. 28th at 20:45
Rick BairdOct. 29th at 6:00
Tom McCarthy
Oct. 30th at 09:30
Chris Pella
Nov. 1st at 00:01
David ZylberbergNov. 3rd at 05:30 * Last year's winner!
Dieter Mueller
Nov. 4th at 15:30
Cyrus Kangarloo
Nov. 5th at 08:21
Stephanie ReesNov. 5th at 19:20
Emma MorrisNov. 6th at 03:08
Justin DemersNov. 6th at 21:45
Winter FedykNov. 7th at 16:55
Megan McTavish
Nov. 7th at 19:00
Troy AustrinsNov. 9th at 06:55
Ken Wright
Nov. 9th at 07:45
Schepanovsky, KristaNov. 10th at 08:33
Joan Post
Nov. 10th at 09:31
Kevin Jones
Nov. 10th at 06:30
Greg CedarwallNov. 11th at 02:55
Ken McNair
Nov. 11th at 11:11
Tony ShawNov. 11th at 11:00
The weather is nearly always terrible that day ...maybe in keeping with the appropriateness of the terrible events remembered that day.
Sheila KealeyNov. 12th at 06:00
Craig StoreyNov. 12th at 06:10
Ken TrischukNov. 12th at 07:00
Daniel DagenaisNov. 12th at 14:00
Andy Reedman
Nov. 15th at 10:02
Ross KnightNov. 15th at 14:30
Edith Post
Nov. 15th at 06:30
Anna Geiger-Whitlock
Nov. 15th at 19:29
Rudy HollywoodNov. 16th at 12:00
Bruno CyrNov. 16th at 05:50
Taras HoweraNov. 21st at 13:00
David CarterNov. 27th at 03:00
Rebekah YoungNov. 29th at 04:30
Andy Wood
Nov. 29th at 06:30
Su WebsterJan. 6th at 03:30! I hope I'm wrong and it's actually later than that!

Only 4 people still in the running after today. Aren't we (almost) all optimistic!?

Last year we had over 100 entries, most predicting snow sometime mid Nov-early Dec. There were fewer contestants this year, probably due to the fact that we almost forgot to post the entry form (so there were only 4 days to put in a guess) and it was >20C that week!

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