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1st Snowfall Contest Winner!
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/11/03)


A snowfall has been recorded! The snow started in the park at 17:45 (5:45pm) on November 2nd and finished around 19:00. Funny, Environment Canada had not called for snow when it happened and there was no snow in the city at the same time.

Who won the contest? It was quite close actually! Four people guessed that snow would fall on November 2nd and 2 people guesses that it would happen early morning on November 3rd. There were also 26 other people all betting on later dates ranging up to early December. But in the end the it was two veteran skiers and XCOttawa.ca alumni who knew best; Arno Turk and David Zylberberg. Arno's guess was for 6am Nov. 2nd, while Dave's was for 4:37am Nov. 3rd. (Don't worry we've done the math for you.) In the end Dave's guess proved a 53 minutes closer to the actual time than Arno's. Congratulations Dave, and thanks everyone for playing it's been fun. We'll have to make it a tradition.

Here's the time lapse sequence of webcam images that captured the snow, and it's dissappearance...

No snow as the sun sets...

This truck blocked the view until 17:54, but our spies tell us there was coverage by 17:45.

Yippee! Waking up to snow.

Going, going, gone...it melted fast once the sun came up!
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