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How to feed 4 hungry skiers on the cheap
By:  Lee Hawkings   (2010/11/11)

1. Rice- Our staple food, its dirt cheap, tasty and filling. We eat it 2-4 times a week with an average quantity of 1 cup rice per person. No wonder we have already eaten about 18kg of rice since September.

†2. Eggs- High in protein, good as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Often eaten as omelettes, in sandwiches, in wraps, in fried rice and of course it is a key ingredient in the key post workout meal of pancakes.

3. Bulk Barn and Food Basics- Compared to other grocery stores Food Basics basically gives its food away, we will fill a cart till its overflowing and still pay only $150 for food for a week. Bulk Barn isnít always the cheapest but if youíre smart you can get some pretty good deals such as peanut butter, oats and spices.

4. Tofu- Although none of us are vegetarian, we do eat vegetarian meals quite often. In order to fill the voids in our stomachs left by a hard day of training and school, tofu is a good supplement. Iím sure itís bland, soggy, greyness has been the cause of countless dry heaves but we have found creative ways to cook it which usually involve deep frying it or baking it with copious amounts of cheese and spices.

5. Spinach- Great with anything, we buy a big tub weekly. Fairly cheap, super nutritious and absolutely delicious. Great as a salad for dinner, in sandwiches, in wraps and in omelettes.

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