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"My Best Bonk" Contest Entry - Peter Dunn
By:  Peter Dunn   (2005/03/03)


Last year was the first time xcountry skiing ever. My sister bought me a ski package for Christmas so my friend and I (also a first timer) decided to ski from P1 up to Pinks Lake and back ... or so we thought. It took us forever to reach Pinks Lake and I was already getting blisters on my feet from the new boots. Having biked all summer we thought it would be a breeze but boy were we misguided! On the way back I started to feel cold and extremely tired but knew I had to press on.

About 2km from P1 I started losing my balance and concentration but my friend seemd ok. We stopped for a bit to drink some water but we brought nothing for energy consumption ... no carbs at all unless gum counts which I chewed and swallowed knowing I had another 15 minutes of torture to get back to the parking lot. I was literally in a daze and not quite sure how I made it back to my car but I succeeded.

Advice: When you severely bonk out - do not drive! After I warmed up and bid goobye to my friend I started my 30 mintue drive home yawning constantly and dreaming of lying down and sleeping. When I got to Heron Road (the last stretch in my journey home) I felt my eyes close while driving along and next thing I new I had crashed into the back of a stopped car. Who put those stupid lights there anyhow?

I did not have my wallet on me at the time so the guy in the car I hit was quite annoyed and asked me if I were on drugs because I could barely speak coherently. He followed me the rest of the way home to get my license and insurance info although there was only damage to my own car.

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