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1st Snowfall?
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/10/31)


Put a deadline on contest entries and get snow in the air the next two days!† Now if only it were that easy to get snow on the ground. Maybe we should have made it the "1st Ski of the Year" contest.

A few people have asked if the contest was won on Oct. 22nd, since it was the first day of reported skiing - the Lloyd's of Nakkertok skied from P10 to the T. (No photographic evidence has been presented, but we believe them) and there was some snow on the ground up high in the park. This past Sunday Karl and Megan 'skied' the same stretch, though they report it was more like hiking than skiing.

So has anyone won yet? No. The webcam recorded evidence of snow in the air on Oct. 22nd, but no coverage on the ground as stated in the rules. Had someone chosen that day, we might have awarded a prize but no one had, so we're still awaiting a winner.

To the 23 of you who's guesses have past, thanks for playing our game. Good luck to the 41 people still in the running for the prizes. There's snow coming...and you know when, right?

Closest so far...

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