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2014 First Snowfall Contest
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2014/11/13)


Snow began falling in Chelsea at 2pm, Sat. Nov. 8th. But the Camp Fortune webcam wasn't working at that time due to some power failures they had been experiencing. So we asked acquaintances for photos. We got a few taht were less than convincing, then we got these..

Fullcoverage at 3pm as the Chelse Nordiq ski swap eneded.

After a quick melt, there was coverage again at 8pm.

Coverage at P10 at ~9pm.

The astute reader will notice that the winner helself provided the pictures. The fact is those pictures only served to prove Lee Hawkings the winner. But the first photo taken at 3pm shows clear coverage and thus Jo-Ann won. For thatshegets a red 10 pairski bag from Fresh Air Experience.

Runner up Lee Hawkings turned out to be the random draw prize winner. He receives a blue 3 pair ski bag from Fresh Air Experience.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

Big thanks to Fresh Air Experience for the prizes!

Stay tuned the webcam will be back on-line soon.

NamePredicted Day MM/DD/YYPredicted Time
Caitlin Crooks10/31/201420:35
Graham Storey11/07/201400:00
Andrew Dube11/07/201418:40
Nelson Allan11/07/201420:30
Evan Kealey11/08/201402:30
John Lewis11/08/201406:15
J. Holden11/08/201406:30
Lee Hawkings11/09/201408:15
Doreen Jans11/09/201415:20
Troy Austins11/09/201415:20
Matt Brown11/10/201405:55
Emily Jones11/11/201404:03
Logan Hong11/11/201405:55
Sheila Kealey11/11/201406:00
Stuart Pursey11/11/201406:05
Ken McNair11/11/201411:11
Vesta Mather11/13/201404:00
Sebastian Traczyk11/13/201404:47
David Hodgson11/13/201410:00
Andy Reedman11/13/201405:45
Edith Post11/13/201406:00
Michael Price11/13/201406:30
Mark Rajak11/13/201417:00
Dieter Mueller11/14/201417:00
Klaus Hoppner11/14/201419:00
Alex Slobodian11/14/201412:35
Ken Trischuk11/15/201421:00
Ken Wright11/16/201404:30
Laurel Harris11/16/201405:45
Gavin Hamilton11/16/201411:00
Mike Vanderveer11/18/201403:23
Jennifer Tomlinson11/18/201403:54
Audrey Hagberg11/18/201419:00
Chris Mueller11/19/201407:10
Cindy De Cuypere11/20/201403:20
Katie McCombe11/20/201423:45
George Reid 11/21/201409:15
Craig Storey11/22/201405:45
Lisa McCombe11/24/201400:30
Ross Knight11/25/201404:50
Ray McCombe11/25/201423:35
Mike Miller11/26/201421:45
Erin McCombe11/27/201400:55
Deb Hine11/27/201413:00
Steve Kelly11/27/201401:32
Steve Thomas11/27/201423:00
Ingrid Hagberg11/28/201406:30
Tamsin Douglas11/28/201407:20
Pierre Olivier Dorego11/28/201421:00
Michael Abbott11/30/201408:00
Devan Fair12/01/201400:00
Margaret McCombe12/02/201403:15
Harry Hong12/03/201400:33
Liz Elton12/05/201410:30
Jean Roussel12/05/201421:00
Taras Howera12/10/201406:30
Alain Leclair12/11/201407:15
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