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1st Snowfall Contest: Updates, Entries and Results
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/10/21)


A few snowflakes this morning in the park, but no accumulation. A few sneaky people thought they could get lucky with dates where Environment Canada forecast snow before the contest closed, but no luck no snow was ever recorded on the webcam. Better luck next time. For those of you still in the contest, good luck and keep an eye on the webcam!

Comments and Results.
Ross McDonaldOct. 1307:30
Rob SamulackOct. 1407:14Nice try! Overnight lows of -1C but no snow.
Sheila KealeyOct. 2023:00Another nice try, waiting until the lst minute to submit a guess as the temperature drops.
Nicholas CliffordOct. 2311:25
Daniel ChrétienOct. 2317:30
Steve ParadineOct. 2407:00
Evan Lewis KealeyOct. 2407:30
Ed McCarthyOct. 2408:00
Megan McTavishOct. 2507:00
James GalipeauOct. 2611:21
Sandra MortimerOct. 2711:33
Gabriel ProulxOct. 2717:30
George ReidOct. 2812:27
Chris PellaOct. 2900:00
Andrew Wynd
Oct. 2908:00
msdesigner1Oct. 2909:57
Bob Webber
Oct. 2911:32
Teresa StirlingOct. 2917:35
Pierre-Olivier DeregoOct. 3002:00
Gavin HamiltonOct. 3023:00
Marie-Josée BeaudryOct. 3106:00
Nancy CokeNov. 202:22
Rebekah YoungNov. 203:45
Sheila AscroftNov. 204:00
Arno TurkNov. 206:00
David ZylberbergNov. 304:37
Surabhi VenkateshNov. 305:38
Patrick Stewart-JonesNov. 409:00*I'm going to beat you Ed and Karl!!!
*In the event of a tie, this entry was recieved first.
Tom McCarthyNov. 409:00
Duane SmithNov. 414:00My 1st son was born Nov.4/02 and we had 12cm. Your webcam shows snow Nov.4/03.
Rob SgarbossaNov. 418:50
Joan PostNov. 506:00
Matthew LaddNov. 516:00
Bruno CyrNov. 606:00
Troy AustrinsNov. 613:55
Karl SaidlaNov. 79:00
Craig StoreyNov. 808:30
Victoria BeestonNov. 1011:20
Edith PostNov. 1104:00
Simona SasovaNov. 1111:00
Mike KellyNov. 1122:55
Kevin JonesNov. 1212:00
Ken TrischukNov. 1413:15
Ben MilleyNov. 1500:30
Randy StoreyNov. 1708:26
Justin DemersNov. 1715:34
Tamsin DouglasNov. 1803:00
Erin PollardNov. 2507:11
Steven FindleyNov. 3015:33
Pat BuckleyDec. 315:03
David CarterDec. 404:30
Rachel BeaulieuDec. 415:45
Theresa WallaceDec. 612:00
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