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Karl Saidla

Karl Saidla is the athlete most people think of when they hear the name XCOttawa. Having previously won the Gatineau Loppet, finished 11th at the American Birkibeiner, raced at a World Cup, World Junior Championships, World University Games, and Canada Winter Games, it is fair to say the Karl is somewhat of a legend around these parts. It is also fair to say that Karl definitely saves all his speed for the ski trails.

When Karl isn’t off destroying the competition, he likes to enjoy life. Whether it be listening to his favorite band Fiftymen (whom he has seen live way too many times), to enjoying a hot sauna and a cold beer, to watching spaghetti western movies and reading Estonian children’s books, Karl certainly knows how to have a grand time!

Now don’t be deceived, Karl is not just a skier. He is also a full time student working toward his PhD in what he describes as “studying cities that are designed for walking and riding bikes as methods of transportation”.

Karl is personally sponsored by Alpina and Infinity. He’s also very happy to have great relationships with Caldwell Sport and Gatineau Nordique Sport for ski selection and stone grinding.

HometownOttawa, ON
Personal Sponsors:Alpina, Rottefella,Infinity
Best Results: 11th, 50km Skate, 2011 American Birkibeiner
2nd, 53km Skate, 2009 Gatineau Loppet
12th, (6th Canadian) 20km skate, Silver Star NorAm, 2008
10th, 30km Pursuit, World Championship Trials, Canmore, 2009
1st - Keskinada 2002
5th - 15km skate, National Championships 2002
World Cup 2005, Canmore Alberta
Top 30, World University Games, 2001
Silver, Canada Winter Games, 1999
World Junior Championships, 1996
Performance Goals: Top 6 finishes at major Canada Cups
Top 3 at Keskinada
One top 5 result at Canadian Championships
Other Pursuits: Working full time at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada in Health Policy
Skis: Fischer
Poles: Infinity
Boots: Alpina Bindings Rottefella
Skate: Marwe, Pro Ski
Classic: Pro Ski, V2

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