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Where to go if you are a cross country skier with sore feet? BioPed!
By:  Karl Saidla   (2010/05/20)

Last year, both Megan and I had problems of various types with our feet. I have arches that are very flat and chronically sore and calves that repeatedly bother me in various ways when I do any amount of fast running. Megan has all kinds of bony protrusions in various places on her feet, and also sprains her ankles very easily.

In order to remedy these complaints, we visited Jeff Moustgaard of BioPed in Kanata. BioPed specializes in orthortics, footwear, and pedorthic care. At their numerous Canadian locations, they manufacture a full range of orthotics and carry both custom and non custom knee and lower limb braces. Finally, they also have a large selection of orthotic friendly footwear that can be be customized as required. Every BioPed location is staffed with Canadian Certified Pedorthists who are trained to alleviate painful conditions and to provide assistance for abnormalities of the lower limb.

Jeff, in addition to being a Pedorthist, has a background as a cross country ski racer with the Laurentian Nordic and University of Ottawa ski teams, and and also competed at a national level as a junior. More recently, he was a coach of the Lappe Nordic racing team in Thunder Bay. These days, you might spot him out skiing in Gatineau Park or maybe at a cyclo-cross race. He is particularly familiar with the kind of sporting endeavors that readers of www.xcottawa.ca enjoy.

For Megan, Jeff made some custom orthotics that would provide a little more support for her ankles, and made some modifications to much of her athletic footwear to make things more comfortable for her bony feet. For, me, he also made some custom orthotics that would help to support my arches, and gave me some very good advice about what types of running shoes I should be wearing.

We are very happy to report that things are now going much better with our feet! I've been able to get back into to doing some faster running this spring without suffering any injuries, and Megan is much more comfortable in all her activities.

For more information about BioPed Kanata visit http://www.bioped.com/locations/locations.asp?id=8 or contact Jeff at kanata@bioped.com

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