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Skiing: the argument in favour
By:  Karl Saidla   (2009/08/26)

The following pictures come from the collection of pictures that either Megan or I took over the last 4 years or so. They aren't necessarily the best, most important, or most representative, but they did strike me as ones which provided good examples to use if I were to argue about the "worthiness" of spending an obscene amount of one's time (and maybe money too...) in some way related to long, skinny skis.

There have been great moments for reflection:

Revelstoke, BC in October 05

Chic Chocs QC in April 04

Algonquin Park ON in September 06

31 Mile Lake QC in October 08

Gatineau Park QC in October 05

There has also been some simply superb scenery along the way:

Chic Chocs QC in April 09

Pras De Lys France in January 06

St. John's Newfoundland, July 08

Lake Superior ON in August 08

Foret Montmorency QC, November 07

There has been some incredible skiing in some diverse places.

Black Forest Germany, January 06

Haig Glacier, AB, October 05

Saalfelden, Austria, January 06

Moena, Italy, January 06

Nakkertok QC, February 08

Silver Star BC, December 08

We've enjoyed training with many great teammates and friends:

Stowe Vermont, May, 09

Gatineau Park QC, October 08

Mont Tremblant QC, September 04

Mooney's Bay Ottawa ON, August 05

OWL Rafting ON, June 08

South Wyndham Vermont, May 06

Coach John at Owl, June 07

In various ways, all of the above are related to what's found below: going as fast as possible on cross country skis:

Chasing Chris J; just like the old days at Nakkertok.

We can't forget that there have been many great lighter moments as well:

Tom McCarthy - Nordic Dork of the Week

Megan and Steve B. - Steve's Farm

Cornelius Brandt - The Champ, April 05

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