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To Lafleur De La Capitale : Thank You !
By:  Karl Saidla   (2005/04/06)


We have had one of the very best and longest seasons of skiing in Gatineau Park this year, and we owe much of it to the great work of Lafleur who performed excellent grooming from the beginning of December until even today!

Skiing3 Skiing2 Skiing1 Skiing5

For those of you who don't know, the guys who do the grooming work hard. On a typical day they start at about 5 in the evening, and finish between 2 and 5 in the morning. They work about six days a week like this, and they don't get weekends off! Four people groom the whole park, including Lac Philippe: André Fleury, Joey Hoskins, Sylvain McLean and Mathieu Robertson.

There have been close to 90 days this year where grooming has taken place, which is argued by some to be the most days of grooming in a winter in the last fifteen years!

The pictures provided show a couple of interesting things. One is simply that there is still a grooming machine working on April 5th. The other is that one of the only places there is snow is on the ski trail. Good grooming is what makes this possible!

Show Lafleur and the NCC that you appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining one of the best networks of ski trails in the world and make sure you buy a season's pass next year!

You can also send them an thanks by email: info@lafleur.ca.

Mid-winter grooming

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