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The 8 day Week.
By:  Matthias Purdon   (2009/08/18)


Last week I came home from work, lay on the couch ran my hands through my hair, and decided to skip training and go see a film. I was under siege with a group of hyper-active 8 year olds to teach sailing to and by Wednesday of my second week with them I was feeling fatigued. This happened on a big volume week (15 hours) so I knew I was behind. I needed a strategy “an 8 day week is what I’ll do”. Unlike the work week, reading week, etc... training weeks don’t have to be 7 days long. Sometimes, if you are short on hours on your final high volume week before a rest week you can just work into Monday.  Chances are the boss won't even notice.


Rest day. Short bike ride 25mins


70mins in the gym 50mins run for warm up and cool down


Disaster- skipped training to go see “the hurt locker” (very good)


Two and a half hours zone one run/ski walk and half and hour of zone 3 ski bounding continuous. Wore backpack.


One hour hike with backpack up a big hill


One and a half hours mountain biking with my friend Mike who visited from Vancouver.


Four hours long slow distance mountain biking. Many climbs (some zone 2 and 3)


Two and a Half hours zone 1 running. Zone 4 intervals classic bounding with poles. The best I’ve felt all summer!

So the 8 day week worked out in the end just fine. Can’t wait to come home and “dish some pain out to some rookies” (One of Chris Mamen’s favourite things to say).

I will add some photos very soon.

Thanks for reading!

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