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Thinking about getting your skis stoneground before the Gatineau Loppet?
By:  Karl Saidla   (2010/02/04)


Yup....the Gatineau Loppet is just around the corner again. Your plans to finish a longer event for the first time, to complete your 20th edition, to ski faster than last year, to do events on both days, to beat your roommate, spouse or training buddy are soon to be put to the test!

No doubt there are are a few of you out there who are thinking that achieving your goal might be a bit easier with skis that are well selected and appropriately stoneground and waxed. One place that has been of great assistance to XC Ottawa in this regard is Gatineau Nordique Sport in Chelsea, operated by Wayne Johannsen since December of 2008.

We can say with confidence that Gatineau Nordique Sport delivers top notch ski selection and world class stonegrinding at affordable prices. We have raced many times this year already at events ranging from the Olympic Trials to Nakkertok's Boxing Day Burnoff on skis that were selected by Gatineau Nordique Sport at Fresh Air Experience and then ground right here in Chelsea. You can read all about the different grinds available at www.gatineaunordiquesport.com, but some of the grinds that we use very frequently around Ottawa-Gatineau include the QR1, ZR1 and  Q1.3 for skating skis, and the Xti.0, XTi-2 and  Li.3 for classic skis.

This year, Wayne will be offering grinding and waxing services specifically for the Gatineau Loppet. If you are thinking about getting your skis ground sometime soon, it would be worth your while to read about the details here:http://www.gatineaunordiquesport.com/home.en

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