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Product Review: Vauhti Classic Rollerskis
By:  Liza Rozina   (2013/07/28)


XCOttawa had the exciting opportunity to participate in a classic rollerski demo this past Thursday with Canadian Wintersports. Test equipment included: a pair of Vauhti T710 Aluminum classic; a pair of brand new, hot off the press Vauhti PSS730 Carbon composite classic (one of the only pairs in Canada, with the other pair being tested by the national team); and a pair of standard Elpex 610 (for comparison purposes).

Here are some comments from the XCOttawa testers:

· Vauhti T710: The Vauhti T710s were very popular with our testers, and got many positive reviews. They had a nice smooth ride, were very responsive, and handled extremely well. The proximity of the shaft to the ground makes these particularly stable, as does the slightly harder than normal rubber used for the wheels. The ride was remarkably smooth for an aluminum shaft rollerski. One of our testers found that this was the best classic roller ski they have ever tried!

· Vauhti PSS730 Carbon Fibre: Testers found that the Vauhti Carbon Fibre rollerskis were extremely comfortable, stable, and smooth thanks to the carbon shaft. These rollerskis felt more like actual skis, since the shaft flexes a bit. In terms of stability, they were almost as stable as the Vauhti T710s.

· Elpex 610: Familiar to many skiers, the Elpex 610 have been carefully designed to feel like skiing on snow. The flex of the shaft and the relatively soft wheels are the main reasons.

General Comments: All of the rollerskis had very functional fenders that we were actually able to evaluate (and appreciate!) because of the rain while we were testing. As for wheel speed, all of the skis listed above are available in a number of different wheel speeds depending on skier preference.

As an added bonus, Karl also for to try the F1 skate roller skis. Here is what he had to say: "It is very easy to see why the F1s are as popular as they are. They roll really well over a variety of pavement types, handle very easily, and feel realistic in terms of speed. If you only want one pair of skate rollerskis, the F1s are an obvious choice.".

We would like to thank Canadian Wintersports and Vauhti for giving us the opportunity to try out this awesome new equipment, and for the great door prizes during the demo!

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